Signal Guide

Service Description Selection ShortWave

Here you will find information about the selected service, along with measurement examples.

ShortWave Theory & Details
Typical Frequency Range:

3 – 30 MHz


AM broadcast radio

Modulation: AM

Simple dual sideband amplitude modulation, usually with 9 kHz bandwidth.

ShortWave Measurement Examples
Section of the SW band, 50 kHz frequency range is shown. The carriers and sidebands are visible.
Same frequency range as Spectrum. The device delivers a “snapshot” every 139 ms. All values within a spectrum are recorded simultaneously because the device captures the frequency range with a single FFT. More than 30 s is displayed.
HiRes Spectrogram Full
The display shows a continuous signal characteristic over 3.9 s. Display width 51 kHz
HiRes Spectrogram Zoom
Section of HiRes Spectrogram Full. The width of the displayed frequency range is still 51 kHz. In contrast, the time axis can be shifted as with a magnifier.
Persistence Spectrum
Calcul;ated from the same data as HiRes Spectrogram Full. Shows the frequency of occurrence over 3.9 s. The continuously present center carrier is clearly seen.
Time domain display based on the same data as HiRes Spectrogram Full. Shows the time characteristic of the AM signal. The display covering 3.9 s is without time gaps. Longer recording times up to 24 h are possible in Long-Time Scope mode.